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Juniors 7+

We welcome athletes of all abilities and support them to be the best that they can be.


The benefits go far beyond fitness: junior athletes learn many skills that will help them throughout life, such as teamwork, resilience, self-belief, and confidence, and they will have a lot of fun along the way.


Our younger athletes follow a varied training programme incorporating runs, jumps, and throws; our slightly older ones can be matched up with event-specific coaches to take their athletics to the next level.


Experienced coaches provide age-appropriate coaching of the highest quality.

Harling Juniors having fun


Speedy Riley recently competed in the Norwich Stampede Race and only came 3rd in his age group! Way to go!! Congratulations!

Isla won a silver medal in the individuals, competing in the final of the National Youth Sport Trust Games. She represented Team England as part of their talent pathway for modern pentathlon and she swam, ran and laser shooted both individually and as part of a team over 3 days.

Wow, such an amazing achievement Isla - all your hard work and dedication have really paid off, congratulations!

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