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Senior Championship 2018

This year sees the second running of the Harling AC Senior Championship.


The format has changed slightly from last year, so read on. Championship points are scored based on times from any eligible race that you compete in.


Championship Dates

• Start – 1 January 2018

• Finish – 31 December 2018


Age Grading

All times will be age and gender graded, so everyone is competing on a level playing field. Grading compares your time with the fastest in the world for your age to generate a score, which is the percentage of your time against the world best. The age grade calculator on the following site will be used to determine scores for each event -


Scoring Races

You can enter as many races as you like throughout the year, however only your six highest scores will count towards the final championship table.

Rookie championship

Those taking part in their first year of competition or anyone who competed in fewer than four events in 2017 is eligible for the rookie championship. Runners will only have to compete in four events over the year to contest the rookie championship. Those who competed in four or more races in 2017 will only be eligible for the overall championship.


Eligible events

Rather than defining a calendar of events, this year runners are open to enter any races they like, anywhere in the world. The only provisos are that the event must be run under UKA rules (or the appropriate governing body if the race is outside the UK), must be timed and the results must be published online.


Additionally, the following events can be counted towards your score:

  • Any Harling AC organised race

  • Up to Two Parkruns (If you do count more than one parkrun, each must be from a different venue.)

  • One 800m or 1500m time from the East Anglian League. If you take part in more than one race, your best age-graded scores will count.

  • Your best 5k time of the year from Saturday training. (Last Saturday of the month.)

Registering your results for the championship

After the results of a race have been published, email a link to the results to


For Parkruns, forward the email you receive from parkrun with your time to


East Anglian League results will be taken directly from

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